11 Years of Church Couldn’t Give Her Peace

Two Italian women walk along the waterline.
Francesca was doing all the right things — praying, reading Scripture, going to church. But she still couldn't find the peace she saw in her evangelical friends.

Francesca felt like she was going to explode — and being around Christians only made things worse.

They were so happy and peaceful. They prayed like they really knew God and shared Bible verse with real conviction. But when Francesca tried the same things, it all fell flat.

It wasn’t just her Catholic church that was the problem. Francesca had tried going to church with the evangelicals. She read Scripture. She prayed. She even went to extra Bible studies with her church friends.

So why did Francesca’s evangelical friends have so much peace while she just felt tired and upset?

It would take her 11 years to figure out her problem.

Francesca Meets Evangelicals at Sports Camp

Francesca first met the evangelicals through basketball, around 2007.

Every year, friends like you give to TEAM so missionaries and local believers can hold a Christian basketball camp. Your gifts help secure the space and supplies, as well as recruiting Christian American coaches to share their tips and tricks.

Francesca’s son, Matteo, played basketball, so Francesca decided to sign him up for the camp.

The American coaches drew a lot of excitement, But Francesca quickly realized that even the Italians in this group were special. Most Italian coaches shout at kids and shamed them. They lived lives that no parents would want their child to model.

In contrast, the evangelicals seemed to truly care for the kids.

During the week, the camp staff invited everyone to join them at their church, Il Faro. After all she had seen, though, Francesca was still skeptical. And then a tragedy hit her family.

Husband’s Stroke Leads Francesca to Church

Francesca’s husband, Giuseppe, was hit by a stroke. He seemed too young — and yet, there he lay in a hospital bed. There was Francesca, sitting by his side.

And, strangely, God was at work.

Giuseppe’s roommate was related to one the members of Il Faro Church. The church member visited and shared Scripture. Francesca and Giuseppe were intrigued.

After Giuseppe left the hospital, the couple decided to try out the evangelical church. Like most Catholic Europeans, they had their doubts. Could a non-Catholic church be anything but a cult?

The church slowly earned the couple’s trust. Francesca joined one of the church members for a one-on-one Bible study, but she also contested nearly everything the believer said.

“She was really harsh and critical, and … you could just tell there wasn’t any peace,” says TEAM missionary Gene Coleman.

It seemed like Francesca was too hardened to really hear the Gospel. After about seven years, she and Giuseppe lost interest in the church.

But God wasn’t done with Francesca yet.

Friends’ Faith Baffles Christina

Francesca stayed in touch with her evangelical friends, even as a new job made her travel for long stretches. She got to see, intimately, how they lived their lives, how they lived their faith.

It was almost inspiring, but it was mostly frustrating.

“How can you have peace?” Francesca would ask. “I try to do it. I try to read the Bible. … and I can’t have peace.”

Francesca tried another Bible study, this time with TEAM missionary Susan Coleman. But each session ended with Francesca in tears. She had given years of her life to church, and God still seemed so far away.

God Breaks Through in Church Service

One evening, during church, Gene asked everyone to stand up and share any prayers or thoughts God had put on their hearts during worship.

After years of searching for God, Francesca finally broke down in the middle of a church service. She demanded to know how her fellow churchgoers had such peace.

Francesca burst into tears. “How can you do it?” she begged everyone to tell her. “How can you praise God?”

They were the same questions Francesca always asked. And yet, something was different tonight.

“You’re trying to do it in your own strength,” one believer said.

“You have a problem because you don’t have the Holy Spirit,” said another.

Francesca felt like she had been slapped in the face. She had been baptized in the Catholic church. Of course she had the Holy Spirit!

Still, Francesca couldn’t deny that something critical was missing from her life. After the service, she sat down with a TEAM missionary to talk some more.

That night, after 11 years, Francesca gave her life to Christ.

Francesca Boldly Lives Faith in Christ

Looking back, Francesca says she knows what her problem was. She wanted one foot in the world and another in the church. Now, she says, it’s all or nothing.

Il Faro Church saw an immediate change in Francesca. She finally had the peace she had longed for, and she immediately started telling people why.

Francesca’s friends were so upset, they confronted her over coffee.

“What are you doing? You’re leaving your Catholic heritage,” they said.

But now that Francesca has finally found peace, she needs others to know how they can find it, too. After her friends’ confrontation, she started studying apologetics so she can give them better answers.

In spring of 2019, Francesca testified to her faith through baptism. The church expected just a few friends and family, but 50 people showed up for the service. They cried as Francesca shared her testimony.

“What a joy to see her radiant with the love and peace of Christ and know for certain she is forgiven,” Gene says.

If you’ve ever given to TEAM, we want to say thank you for making this story happen. Faithful friends like you poured into Francesca’s life for 11 years. And now, Francesca finally has peace in Christ! Thank you!

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  • Like fransica,l was a catholic and my decision to give my life to Christ sparked condemnation. Most of my relation said l was a disgrace to the family. I had my Uncle who was Priest with Catholic Church who was by then serving in Canada,He used to quarrell.l had no peace while in RC.but one Pentecostal minister taken me to a crusade where the sermon that day left me with unanswered questions. Wasn’t about the church and family to see the kingdom of God?that day l discovered that it was about to be born a new.Thank you franscisca story that peace is with Christ Jesus only.

  • I am a born again child of God…baptized and have received the Holy Spirit yet I feel so alone and unloved. Knowing He loves me has not changed me. I still feel as though God wants nothing to do with me…i am so hurting I love him so much yet I can’t stop smoking…what is wrong with me…i have asked Him to remove the urge I tried but had a stroke I have an illness that will not allow any medication to help with smoking but it is a habit to strong and deadly. Is there any hope for me

    • Janette, I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I’ve been in that place, too — knowing in my mind that God loved me, but feeling like maybe He loved me out of obligation, that He didn’t really want me. Feeling like every other believers was more worthy and more loved by God. I can’t give you a quick solution, but I can tell you some of the passages that have encouraged me personally:

      Genesis 3 — This is where we messed it all up to begin with, but look at God’s response. From the very beginning, He had a plan to redeem us, to send His Son for our sins. He didn’t do this because He thought we would be good. He could see the future and every way that we would fail again and again and again. And what did He say? “I love these people. I love Janette. I’m coming down to Earth to save them.”

      Romans 5:6-11 — While we were God’s enemies, Christ died for us. He died for you!

      Hebrews 10 — Read the whole chapter, but I really want you to notice verses 10 and 14. You have been made holy — past tense. That is the power of Christ’s blood. God is not waiting for you to get it all together. He knows that, just like all of us, you never will. You can’t. And that’s why He came to make you holy. He came to make you perfect — not in your strength, but by His blood.

      John 20:24-29 — This was a big one for me. Because sometimes we think that salvation is just something we stumbled upon, that it’s a contract God has to keep with us, but doesn’t really want to. But look at how He treats Thomas. When Thomas doubted, Jesus didn’t have to come back and let Thomas see His scars. Thomas had so much proof from spending three years with Jesus! But Jesus came to him anyway. Jesus gave him the proof he needed.

      One last one. Sometimes, we think that God’s salvation is for everyone but us, that we just got swept up in God’s overall love for the world. But look at the instructions He gave the Israelites in Exodus 13:8. The Israelites were told to personalize their salvation. Don’t tell your son, “I do this because of what the Lord did for US.” It’s because of what He did “for ME.” Scholars estimate that there were over 2 million Israelites, and yet God told every one of them that their salvation was special, that it was for them as individuals, as well as them as a nation.

      Janette, you are not an afterthought or a mistake in the Kingdom of God. He saved you because He wants you, specifically you. I can’t tell you why you haven’t been able to quit smoking, but I can tell you that God is rooting for you. He is with you in your struggle. Please keep the faith, sister!

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